Who we are

Modus Consulting specializes in mobilizing change within organizations through our suite of business process improvement, project management, & change management programs. With over 25 years of combined experience across a variety of industries ranging from:

• Automated retail & vending
• Contact centers
• Health Care
• Information technology
• SAAS platforms
• Professional Associations
• Print manufacturing
• Telecommunications
• Fleet management
• Security
• Home improvement services

Our team has successfully implemented significant improvements & managed business critical efforts that have have positively impacted the bottom line.

What we do

Modus Consulting will empower your organization to improve its competitive position by providing services to improve organizational efficiencies and streamline operational processes - resulting in a positive impact to your bottom line.

Modus Consulting Service Suite

• Project Management
• Operational Assessment
• Process Improvement
• Business Process Assessment
• Business Process Analysis
• Business Process Design
• Business Process Implementation
• Business Systems Analysis
• Business Systems Design
• Business Systems Implementation
• Change Management
• Business Architecture Strategy & Alignment
• IT Investment Analysis
• IT Investment Strategy
• IT Process Assessment - Capital Expenditure Analysis
• Process Mapping
• Compliance

The Modus Approach

Modus Consulting will provide a level of service that is tailored to your organization's specific consultative needs.


We will consult in an advisory role and allow you to leverage your internal resources


We will work in a collaborative partnership with your internal resources to identify and deliver improvements.


We will provide full implementation services, including project management and business process improvement services.

Modus Consulting is dedicated to providing your organization with the tools it needs to succeed. Our approach to ensuring success:

• Team oriented & collaborative at all levels
• Dedicated to organizational objectives and goals
• Dedicated to your organization's long term financial health
• Extract maximum value with minimal impact on ongoing operations
• Promote ongoing organizational health by advocating continuous ongoing improvement
Our methods emphasize implementing best practices to gain the best value and maximal efficiency to improve your organization's top and bottom lines.

Take the first steps to success!

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